Today Jen and I dialed up our go-to-guy-for-all-things-museum-cool, Brian McAlonie, at Thinking Outside the Square

Brian running a workshop under the portico.

Brian running a workshop under the portico.

We wanted to pick his brain about our new blog, cuz if ever there was a great go-to place for expert feedback, it’s at TOTS.


Jen working hard on our quarterly newsletter.

The good news: Brian likes The Buffalo History Museum’s Blog! 

Jen LaBella, TBHM Marketing Associate and Graphic Artist, deserves big kudos for setting it up. Yours truly souped up the “Latest News” page on our website by linking the blog button. BlogButton

We are now ready to share to the universe and we’re psyched about our new (to us) frontier!  We hope the content ahead serves an audience with extra special museum and history news: from the ordinary to the extraordinary, we’re here to share.   

Cmc and Walt

Walt & me on the portico.

Just in, as I was writing this:  Walt Mayer, Director of Museum Collections, called to tell me about a great idea for sharing Victorian love sentiments from the collection every Friday in February to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  You’ll be able to find that on our Facebook page so check back in to see some historic images of romance.

 Gotta run, lots to do… 

 – Connie Caldwell, Director of Communications & Community Engagement

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