Spotlight Artifact: 129 Year Old Piece of Cake

President_cleveland_weddingOn June 2, 1886, President Grover Cleveland and Miss Frances Folsom married in the White House’s first wedding ceremony. Folsom, only 21 years old, was well-educated, beautiful, and charming, endearing the new First Lady to her American Public. 2013 Valentine ClevelandWhile critics of the President considered the May-September marriage scandalous, the public was enamored by the First Lady’s youth and beauty, likening the White House romance to Royal nuptials. The President’s handlers also capitalized, using France’s age as a positive image for the 40-year-old Cleveland. Today, 129 years after America’s first “royal” wedding, the Buffalo History Museum shares in its memory by displaying a small slice of wedding cake. Guests attending the ceremony were given cake boxes, holding small groom’s cakes. These cakes were dark and soaked in alcohol which may account for its excellent state of preservation. grovercakeIn 1886 it was not uncommon to receive a piece of wedding cake as a parting favor from the wedded couple. Tradition dictated that if one placed the cake under their pillow they would dream of their future spouse. – Rebecca Justinger, Registar   *This article was featured in the Spring 2013 issue of “The Album”


Celebrate Grover Cleveland’s Birthday & learn more about our only president to serve two non-consecutive terms tonight at 6pm. 
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Always a bridesmaid…..FINALLY a bride!


In order to start getting ready for our Something Old, Something New event I decided to do some research on wedding traditions and superstitions for some Facebook fodder. There was one superstition that grabbed my attention. Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride, unless you’re a bridesmaid seven times only then will you break the curse and be a bride!

Well, as it turns out I’ve been a bridesmaid seven times! (Soon to be eight, in June) Some girls may find this to be a curse, but I honestly feel so fortunate to have been such a special part of one of the most important days in my closest friends’ lives. Yes, being a bridesmaid is expensive and time consuming – I have the dresses hanging in my closet to prove it! But, alas, I have some great memories for always that has made it all worthwhile.

I guess this “bridesmaid curse” might have some truth to it since I will finally be a bride this September and all of my matron friends will be standing by my side with a new dress to hang in their closet.

Since I can’t invite all who read this blog to my wedding, the next best invitation I can extend is to join us at The Buffalo History Museum’s second annual Something Old, Something New event that will take place March 2 at 3 p.m. There will be a pop-up bridal exhibit, bridesmaid dresses on display, an auction, food, drinks and more!    Check out the details on our website

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